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TRYBE Spotlight: Stephanie Jhala

This month’s spotlight features Stephanie Jhala, founder of A Mother’s Movement, a space to empower women in their motherhood journey, connect mothers with a deeply intimate community, and embrace motherhood as one of the most potent expansions of their life. Stephanie shares her motherhood journey with us and how she views how motherhood should be portrayed in our society.

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Meditation Apps to Ground the Soul

Meditation can do wonders for your soul. Research has shown that ....." 

For the parents with busy schedules with kids, it is not easy to find even 10 minutes for yourself, and when you do, its hard to shut out all the 'noise' in your mind and be at one with yourself.

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TRYBE Wellness October Spotlight: Courtney Thomas

Meet Courtney Thomas! A mother, business woman and yoga instructor. She is a true believer of finding ways to pause and meditate and not just on the yoga mat. “Your practice continues off the mat, in the chaos, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Read more about Courtney’s inspirational story, how she integrates her practice now that she is a mom and who some of her mentors are along her life path.

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