TRYBE Wellness October Spotlight: Courtney Thomas


October 2018

TRYBE Wellness Spotlight

Every month at TRYBE Wellness, we will be spotlighting women and mothers within our community who are making a difference and who bring inspiration to others through their motherhood journey, self-care regime, fitness routine, life-work balance and spiritual influences.

We are excited to feature Courtney Thomas in our October TRYBE Wellness Spotlight. Courtney is a profound believer of yoga and meditation as a powerful tool to being mindful throughout the day. As a young mother, founder of Bodhi Studios and a Lululemon Ambassador we believe she is a perfect fit for our Spotlight. We heard about her daily routine now that she’s a mom. We heard about how she makes time for self-care, yoga and meditation, and we heard who her mentors and supporters have been through her life. We hope you enjoy reading about Courtney and become inspired just as much as we did!

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Courtney’s Recommendations


What are 3 of your favourite podcasts?

  1. Live Awake Podcast

  2. Oprah SuperSoul Sunday

  3. Priv Talks

What books are you reading right now?

  1. Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

  2. Rising Strong by Brene Brown


Courtney’s TRYBE

Who do you define to be in your TRYBE and how has it impacted you?

Definitely my mom and sister.  Our relationship is sacred. We go to each other for everything, phone each other 3-4 times in the day.  If I need hard truths, unconditional love, support, or just someone to talk to, the two of them are the first I go to.  They are my highest standard in friendship and love. Within that is also my husband. He has supported me in my dreams, big or small.  He’s given me the space to figure out who I am, and with that the ability to truly love myself. For that I am able to unconditionally love him right back. I also have some amazing friends that similarly give me real conversation, hard truths and a whole lot of love.  The last few years I have really moved to quality over quantity, and I am so grateful for it.


Where are some of your favourite places to go on the North Shore with your son?

St Andrews park is the best because its a fenced in park that has great toys from the city of NV.  There are also great coffee spots in the area, so I feel like we both enjoy ourselves. My son is obsessed with water and airplanes, so we also love to go to the King Mill dog park.  He watches the seaplanes come in and loves seeing the dogs run around.


Let’s Talk Self-Care & Meditation

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Being a busy mom, how do you integrate your own meditation and yoga practice within your routine?

Yoga and meditation isn’t always on your mat in a peaceful space.  Your practice continues off the mat, in the chaos, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. This last year I’ve had to practice different methods of yoga such as non-attachment, breathwork, ahimsa (kindness), and being present. So, the physical part of yoga I try to do when I can, but I do not get down on myself if it isn’t everyday.  Sometimes its just 1-2 sun salutations when my son is napping. My meditation has also evolved since becoming a mom. No longer is it always 10-30 minutes with candles lit and chakra music playing. When my son is in the middle of teething and hasn’t stopped screaming, I am practicing breathing meditations just to keep my sanity. When I notice I am feeling totally out of alignment, I will carve out time in the evening for uninterrupted self care, meditation and yoga.  Even though it can be tough after a long day with kids, it brings me back to my true self.

How do you like to unwind at the end of each day?

If I want to truly recharge, I will have a bath and listen to a Live Awake podcast.  Sarah Blondins voice is magical, but her words will have me in a full surrender. I usually like to close my eyes, pick the one I need in that moment and just lay in the bath to listen.  My other ways are hanging with my husband, playing crib, drinking a glass of wine.

If you could offer one piece of advise for women wanting to carve out time to practice yoga or meditation, what would it be?

Start with just 3 minutes.  And don’t “should” all over yourself.  You could meditate or you could go on instagram for 20 minutes.  If you choose the latter then don't worry about it. Trust that its what you need in this moment and try to choose to meditate next time.


One last question!

What does success look like to you?

To me success is when you are aligned living your truth.  I believe we all have a purpose for our lifetime, and we all know in our gut when we are our true selves.  If you take risks to go after what your heart desires, if you work hard at becoming comfortable with discomfort, if you trust that life is happening for you not to you, I believe with my whole heart that you will lead yourself to success. There are so many of us that stay where life feels safe, but end up feeling unhappy.  Success starts on the inside, and when it is in alignment your outside will flourish.