8 Ways to Optimize Meal Times


Connecting with Food

It’s back to school season and with that we’re getting back into routines. When it comes to getting our kids to eat healthy, wholesome foods it can sometimes be a struggle (and usually the youngest ones win!)


We’ve listed 10 ways to improve meal times with our kids and getting your kids to eat more healthy foods!

  1. Try not to force them to eat - they will eat when they are hungry (it may surprise you when they start eating the vegetables they originally refused)

  2. Make a plate of fresh veggie and fruits (with dip) for an after school snack and leave it on the table during dinner - that way they will get their veggie intake - even if they don't like what's in the dinner that night. ⁠⁠

  3. Make one family dinner not multiple dinners for each persons preferred palette (its just too much work!). They will eventually eat and if they really don’t like it, they you can always adjust the options for next time.

  4. Let them snack on fruit if they are still hungry after dinner or are using the "I'm hungry" at bedtime excuse⁠.

  5. Get your kids involved in the weekly grocery shop, preparing their own lunches and family dinners.


  6. Make Sunday prep a family affair! Carve our 1-2 hours on the weekend before prep for the week to make overnight oats, dips, and snacks.

  7. Read picture books⁠ about food talking about the healthy options, veggie and fruit gardens, interacting books with their favourite foods. A few great ones we love are from Usborne books but going to your local library will also have a great selection.


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