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Hold space for healing,
make space for love.
— Alex Elle

What is a TRYBE Leader?

TRYBE Leaders are female-led mentors + experts in wellness and integrative health. Supporting women in embracing their expanded identity and all the changes and emotions that come with it, TRYBE Leaders provide expert advise and resources to our members through membership webcasts, online resources + workbooks and local member events.


A TRYBE for Women

We see caring for ourselves not as self-indulgent, but as self-preserving; a necessary practice in navigating one of the most vulnerable, yet empowering chapters of our lives. During a time when it’s easy to feel lost (in more ways than one), TRYBE Wellness holds a space for mamas to feel inspired, informed, and most importantly, seen.

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Ways to get involved heading

Ways to get involved as a TRYBE Leader



Online Membership Program

Our TRYBE Wellness Membership program provides tools, resources, knowledge and support for women who are mothers. Every month, we explore a new theme that dives into a deeper topic about wellness + health.

As a TRYBE Leader, you can choose to participate by:

- Leading webcasts + online classes (1 hour or less)

- Leading community discussions that share and showcase your respective area of expertise.

- Hosting Q&A Sessions within the monthly theme and the area of your respective field.

- Provide (mini) tool kits or resources within your respective area to upload into the TRYBE Wellness Resource vault.


Quarterly Retreats + Member Events

Each quarter, TRYBE Wellness will be hosting local gatherings to bring our members together and to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. As a TRYBE Leader you’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise through conversations and connections with members during these local gatherings. Quarterly, you can choose to participate and attend in the following ways:

- Educational Events + Retreats

- Collaborative Workshops

- Expert-Led Panel Discussions


We Know Your Time is Valuable

As a TRYBE Leader, how you choose to engage within our community is up to you. Whether that is a 1 hour webcast dedicated to one of our monthly themes, a downloadable workbook added to our membership platform or participating at one of our member weeks.

We understand the time and resource demands that you face on a daily basis, but also appreciate the fact that you still desire to participate in community, share your expertise in meaningful ways and pursue opportunities to gain new clients!


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Leader Perks + Benefits



Within the Membership Program + Member Events TRYBE Leaders will receive:

  • Exposure through the Wellness Resource Vault

    We have cultivated and curated a comprehensive directory of local wellness listings including integrative health practitioners, wellness & fitness centres, shops + other outlets.

  • Promotional Offerings

    Our TRYBE Leaders have the opportunity to gain new clients through offering their own service + promotional offers to our members.

  • Receive a complimentary annual TRYBE Membership

    Each TRYBE Leader will receive up to a 12 month complimentary TRYBE Membership depending on the level of ongoing involvement agreed upon between both parties.

  • Attend Local Gatherings + Member Events

    Each TRYBE Leader can attend our local member events as a participant.

  • Promotional Marketing

    During the month that you participate as a TRYBE Leader, you’ll have the opportunity of being featured in the monthly e-newsletter round-up, blog posts, social media features as well as our quarterly Member Events + Retreats if you choose to participate.

We look forward to welcoming you into the TRYBE!