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Wellness; an outlet to recharge, an opportunity to expand

Navigating the journey of motherhood was a huge learning curve for me. As someone who has always had a strong sense of self, I struggled with figuring out how to maintain my go-to wellness routine, the career I loved and feel like a present, hands-on mother. While it’s easy to put our own needs aside, I’ve learned (after two children) that doing so only does a disservice to us and our families.

I believe in saying ‘yes’ to continued self-discovery and to following those inner cues that help us prioritize our health and well-being amidst the beautiful mess that is motherhood. But with all things, it’s often easier said than done, which is why I created this platform.

TRYBE Wellness is a community-driven resource for modern women in motherhood (because it takes a village!)

Through our membership and events, we hope to be a space for you (and other women and mothers alike) to find direction and feel supported in stepping into this stronger, more expanded version of yourself.

Because if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that adding ‘mother’ to your title only brings you closer to (not further from) who you’re meant to be and what you’re meant to do in this world.

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More about the woman behind TRYBE Wellness

Casey James, Leader of the TRYBE


I believe that in order to take care my family, I need to take care of myself first on a daily basis. Whether that is a 5 minute meditation or a 30 minute workout, taking time out for myself to recharge, reconnect with myself and expand my identity. My vision for TRYBE Wellness is to create a space for women to feel supported, empowered and inspired through the intricacies of motherhood. A space where we can honour each other and provide educational, community driven resources to feel empowered as a woman, and as a mother.


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/trīb/ noun

a social community consisting of family and friends bonded by social, economic, belief, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect.